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 What mode should I be in???

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PostSubject: What mode should I be in???   1/30/2009, 6:59 pm


Ok, this should be pretty easy to figure out especially if you read the post in the Aces High help thread.

If you take bombs and rockets up you should be in attack mode. Most missions we run carry ord so this only makes sense. If you're out looking to fight air to air only and not planning on killing any GV's or structures, chose fighter mode... if you want, and challenge yourself.

If you know there is no way you'll be able to make it home you might as well bail or ditch and save yourself some time. It affects score little. Avoid floating 5k to ground waiting to get killed again when missing a wing. Sometimes you don't have enough time to get out and that's ok but if your wing or tail is gone, just PUNCH OUT.

Attack mode is pre-set to gauge both your fighter and Jabo abilities since it's a duel role.You can not gauge fighter progress properly by dropping hangers while in fighter mode, it just screws the whole thing up.

Fighter mode is set for Air to Air Combat only but you should never shy away from killing that last building for your team just because your in it.
Most importantly, don't let score take over your game.

Hit Percentage in fighter mode is much different than attack mode. In Fighter mode, only air to air hits will count. ANY bullet that hits the ground is considered a miss. That includes hitting GV's and Buildings.
In Attack mode, anything you hit counts toward yours and the SQUADS score plus it keeps track of all fighter kills.

I hope I can get some of you interested in tracking your progress next month. Not only will you lower your rank but the squads as well. Having a low squad rank can help in recruiting. Everyone wants to hang out with a winner plus the lower your rank is the easier it is to take CV's away from noobs. Once you set it up right, theres not much to think about. You'll fly like you always did but just be scoring planes differently to fit our objectives. It's so easy a cave man could do it

Setting your planes to attack and choosing when you want to go up in fighter mode is the way to go. Loading bombs in your plane should remind you to switch it back.... most of the time. heheh

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What mode should I be in???
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