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 Training in the DA

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PostSubject: Training in the DA   1/17/2009, 2:34 pm

Last night in the DA was a lot of fun. We had 7 guys in there at one point and battled out a few different planes. I wish i had more film rolling, did anyone else get any. I'm especially interested in watching what Cobra does. He is the master of creating the over shoot. I'd come close but just could not kill him. In fact, toward the end of the night I think it was Sharkbite who said he should be our trainer. Be cool if he took the job as he is one of our very best.

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PostSubject: Re: Training in the DA   1/18/2009, 3:46 pm

It was an okay time, but I think Tools, Cobra and Tootall cheated. I got shot down too many times.
If anyone knows I would be interested in finding out how not to get in to a low speed flat scissors (no not the mrs garrison ones). For some reason when I get on someones six 1v1 and dump my e to stay there (instead of BNZ) thats what happens. I am not a great shot so BNZ is not my strength and if I dont dump my e the nme just turns inside me and I have to fly away. Thx, cheater heads. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Training in the DA   1/18/2009, 4:50 pm

lol Hodag. Ya that was alot of fun. i'd like to see what cobra can do in the Training officer position because he is very fitting to the job. Now, i purpose we keep this up. once a week, we get the guys together, head to the DA, and have a good time. anyone know what the best time is?

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PostSubject: Re: Training in the DA   1/18/2009, 7:05 pm

Haha that was a lot of fun. We did 1v1's and 2v3 / 3v3's. We tried to do the 1v1's at the same time with each fight seperated by 2k+ so as not to get mixed up with someone elses target - although that happened a few times. On some of the 2v2's we'd switch bandits at various points in the fight and sometimes 2 bandits would be on one good guy. Was fun switching though, and trying to fight my fight but also setup to help my wingman in case he got in trouble. I'm not sure exactly how to describe the overshoot method I use, it's just a combination of timing and good assesment of my enemies e-state and figuring out what he can and can't do. It's basically just doing everything I can do slow down quickly (full rudder, idle throttle, load on the G's) while also keeping my flight path unpredictable to spoil gunshots.

As most everyone knows, it's pretty tough to get someone to overshoot if you're both flying the same a/c and are both low and slow - as there isn't any E/speed to bleed to force it, and maneuvering at those slow speeds often times doesn't change your flight path enough to avoid giving the other guy a guns solution (you're presenting a larger target/surface area) as well when you're slow. Although you're really snatching that AOA around - the resulting change in position isn't enough to get you out of the way. I'd like to record the next set of fights, would be interesting to look them over.

That was great fun though, more fun than the MA in my opinion, I really like flying ACM - even if the skills don't always translate directly to the MA - it certainly helps. The MA is really a game of proper positioning at the start of the fight - (a lot of that has to do with luck it seems, although higher is better, there always seems to be someone that sneaks in higher) - SA, knowing the capability of the bandits, and wingman tactics - all of which can be learned/applied to the DA as well, but DA fights usually follow the same ol' engagement/merge profile (level, same alt, speed, etc)- which usually isn't the way it is in the MA. Although we could certainly change it up a bit next time around!
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PostSubject: Re: Training in the DA   2/3/2009, 8:29 pm

When we doin this again?

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PostSubject: Re: Training in the DA   

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Training in the DA
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