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 Links and helpful information

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PostSubject: Links and helpful information   1/13/2009, 11:27 am

Unfortunately there is a lot of information missing or dead links to stuff that I had to delete. I copied and pasted most of it from a thread I ran in another squad months ago. Some of the information will be helpful and others you already know about.

This thread is designed to provide a space for finding helpful information and links concerning AH2 only. Please do not post replies here. Pick your topic of interest and make a new post.

Link to Aces High II Training Corps Website, A wealth of knowledge compiled for the new and older AH sim pilot.
Aces High II Trainer Corps This site will answer almost all your questions or at least send you in the right direction. It is a must read for any new pilots.

Analysis of Aces High Projectiles

One way you can practice with finding the correct lead is start the game in offline mode. Goto clipboard>options>arena setup>environment>arena settings>flight mode flags, and enable the lead computed gunsite. Once enabled you can select a target drone by pressing the tab key, and + signs will appear showing the correct lead for each type of guns you have.

The lead computed site is also enabled in the training arena. You need to press ctl-tab to enable it to work on friendly planes.

Finally, you can also use the .target command to experiment with the convergence settings.

.target 400
will make a target panel appear due north of your plane at a constant 400 yards distance. Change the number for different distances, and set the distance to zero when you want to get rid of it.

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Size of your plane in the target area will give you an idea of where your bullets will hit. Very useful when using it for figuring out convergences.


Link to Soda's site. This site will help you understand how you should fly each plane.

Soda AH Aircraft Evaluation Website

This is a website were u can do multiple fighter comparisons at once. You can spend hours going thru different fighter comparisons. You can compair everything from turn radius to weapon lethality and speed. http://www.gonzoville.com/ahcharts/index.php

some more hints and tips by AH pilots on this web site.

.:71 'Eagle' Sqn RAF An Aces High II Virtual Sqn:.

Links to ACM

Furballers.com :: View Forum - ACM - Tactics & Tips

a8s.us :: View topic - ACK Ack made it simple--- Stick Settings

a8s.us :: View topic - Newb question for a not so newbie!!! It's about how to bomb

Tanks & Vehicles Database

Vehicles of AH and how to use them

Using the guns on a CV Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
Some of you may need help with this.

5 inch and 5 inch twins:

These guns can be use in two ways. One as an anti aircraft weapon and two like the 8 inch guns for killing structures on the ground.
In Anti air you must lead the target to get a kill. Help with understanding lead can be had in offline mode using the lead computing sight. Instruction as to how to turn it on is listed above.

5 and 8 inch guns used to hit structures.

Once in a gun press the W button to enter into Land Mode then pull up your map and bring it to the middle of your screen. Locate the base you want to unload on and zoom in on it. Use the mouse to pull it as far left of the map as you can and then use the [ ] keys to zoom in further. Now point and click with your mouse to load co ordinance and fire.
The town is always going to be the yellow square. Start at the bottom and work your way from one side to the other then go up a level and repeat. If your able to, make a printout of all three bases large, medium and small. This will help you identify locations of targets.

In Sea Mode (the E key I believe) I can offer only this. Make a good guess and walk your shells up to it. In 5 inch I never use Sea Mode. The guns fire quick enough that I can walk them right up to a CV and lead them from there. The Q button brings you to default mode.


The AKUAG pilot statistics and scores application provides you the perfect tool to accurately qauntify your pilots in-game performance. This tool gathers statistics from the Aces High score and stats pages and presents them in both tabular and graphical formats.


109 k4 tips. Read what agent had to say especially.

Straight K-4 Tips

There are many how to, links and tips here for any of the new guys to read. Many of them were lost when we switched boards but the majority i found in an email. It used to look good and was easy to read. I'll do what I can to make it look that way again.

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Links and helpful information
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