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 RV Website Video

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PostSubject: RV Website Video   1/10/2009, 7:25 pm

Hey Guys

back in when CofnCrnr was with the squad (he was one of the Founding members) he made 2 videos. It was just random videos of us flying around, killing stuff, bombing, with cool music in the back.


There was another one but i cant find it. He put these at the home of our website so as, if we are recruiting and we tell someone "k you have to register on the site first" "ok i'll check it out" and he will go and see the video, watch it, and be like "Dude these guys are cool! i wanna join" lol. but that is what this video was meant for. Maybe, we could make another one? or for the time being use the one we have? :affraid:

"For Them, There Was No Land Beyond The Volga"
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RV Website Video
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