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 Gun sights and Jabo

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PostSubject: Gun sights and Jabo   3/25/2011, 10:37 am

Finding the right one that works for you is not easy. Many just use the default which is nice but not always right for every plane. The P51 for instance has a smaller window and if you wanted to get real knit picky with it you'd want a slightly smaller sight. I have made many brand new sights for AH and one of them is the down sized default for the F4U's and 51.

I have run out of time for today and will continue on this subject at a later date. GUN SIGHTS are important especially when using rockets or trying to find a gun solution for taking that lead shot.

The inner circles works ok and is different.
Below is the downsized smaller default I made which is good in a few planes.

Great for 109/190's

And the last one is for 109 K-4's

Using the friendly icons in the background you can figure about how far I am away from th targets. It will give you a good idea of what you can do, i can take dar out from 2k but i usually waste a rocket doing that.

The Green cross hairs are only available in the training arena. It marks exactly where your ord will hit.

Cleaning up ack is simple for me because i know how to use the sights. It took very little practice in the TA using sights like the the yellow ones I've made for you. I can basically use any or NO sight at all now to kill ack from distance because of them.

Most of these sights you can just copy and paste right into your HTC/sights folder. Right click, save image to Picture folder then find it, drag and drop it in the HTC's Sights Folder and your done.

--> I hope you guys checked out my sounds BTW. They are very good complimentary sounds for AH. You should be impressed with many of them. The Plane hits are great!

The sight I'm using through this is the first of it's kind i made and one of the bottom choices i would recommend since many improvements have been made since. As you see, they are set up to be accurate.


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Gun sights and Jabo
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