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 Fighter Kill Films..3+ Vs 1's and a 15 kill Temp

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PostSubject: Fighter Kill Films..3+ Vs 1's and a 15 kill Temp   6/12/2009, 1:29 pm

Many ways to watch the films. Inside plane, outside plane, slo-mo. Use the arrow and page up/dn keys to move view just like in game. press f10 to save view. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BOX NAMED (USE RECORDED VIEWS) unless you wanted to back up out of the plane to watch flap movement.

I watch films of all the best guys trying to figure out when to use flaps in certain situations and in certain planes.

mediafire.com mx2xm3pwtplg/3mxkoidrzwd/P51+kills.ahf

mediafire.com tmmnlmyyimag/ynny2jblvn4/fm2+5kills.ahf

mediafire.com ?sharekey=683e7b886b254be141446e35a78dc463e04e75f6e8ebb871

Lance said i ho'ed him. Good film but your missing his film to compare with. I made a few with him that night.

mediafire.com download.php?wkvwkg5mmtw

Hodag A6M5 and me Fm2...who can out turn who?

Hodag did not use his plane properly. He kept himself way to fast which stopped him from turning as well as he could, Plus he does not use enough rudder if any at all.

mediafire.com download.php?mmm2tmmmq4d

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Fighter Kill Films..3+ Vs 1's and a 15 kill Temp
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