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 3D Maneuvers Explained Plus ACM LINGO

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PostSubject: 3D Maneuvers Explained Plus ACM LINGO   5/24/2009, 2:11 pm

The Very Best Maneuver Films

Learn them all and you will be very hard to beat

Go through his list of films to find what you want (split S, energy fighting, Barrel Rolls ect.)

Apply what you've learned in his films and cross reference with link provided at bottom of page.

CLICK HERE--->>> https://www.youtube.com/user/Requiem10NS?blend=12&ob=5

My favorite moves

Use this one when your near deck and enemy is following 2.0 to 1.5 out. Climb out a little (you'll lose energy but keep to a minimum) roll over doing kind of a split S and nose back dn to deck which will recover speed, then head back toward him preparing for the next move

As you pass him, pull this maneuver trying to position yourself on his six within the next move or two. REMEMBER to always keep in mind that you are trying to achieve LAG Pursuit (putting yourself in a position to match any move he makes while closing the gap for the kill.

He will probably try to do an immelman and so should you, it will make him lose even more energy. You were able to store more E in your first two maneuvers so you'll have more speed than him. Use it to bleed even more of his energy off by pulling him up in a double type immelman which will force him to change his own immelman direction and follow you up. You will be low on energy at this point but lag pursuit should be had.

If not, use your remaining E to try a hammer head.

Then try this maneuver to stall him out and firmly get on his six( if you have not already achieved a Lag pursuit position in the previous move). Climb past him going into a spiral climb and come straight down on top of him.

Anyway, here are the links to where I found these 3D maneuvers and a link to brevity...or how to talk the talk.



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PostSubject: Re: 3D Maneuvers Explained Plus ACM LINGO   5/24/2009, 8:38 pm

Good info as always Tools!
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3D Maneuvers Explained Plus ACM LINGO
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