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 "Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience" - movie link

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PostSubject: "Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience" - movie link   4/8/2009, 2:35 am

Uploaded it to my FTP - figured I'd share it with you guys.

Right click/save-as - big file, about 900 mb. 1:45 mins.

For any formation flying / Blue Angels fans this is an outstanding documentary about the Blues and formation flying. It contains a lot of excellent footage from inside/outside the pit along with the radio chatter and pilot commentary and great narration. Filmed during their '69-'71 season I believe. I love the Phantom and it really looks awesome in that blue paint.

I've about worn out the old VHS copy. I first saw it when I was a kid and just keep popping it back in every once in a while, never gets old.

I looked around forever for a VHS or DVD and found this site early this year - a replacement VHS was impossible to find - DVD looks good though.

Trailer I put together

If you want to buy the DVD.

Harley Hall #1 was shot down in a Phantom on the last day of hostilities in Vietnam, last tailhook pilot to go down and last American to be classified as a POW in the war. No one really knows what ever happened to him - some think he lived several years as a POW after the war was over - pretty sad.

Interesting to read the posts by the guys that knew him/flew with him or tried to rescue him

Skip Umstead #6 was killed in a low altitude mid-air flying for the Blue's as team leader in '73.

to them
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"Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience" - movie link
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