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 Sound Packs Small and Large plus Links to Films and Directions

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PostSubject: Sound Packs Small and Large plus Links to Films and Directions   3/15/2009, 2:09 pm

Here is the link to the sound packs. In this link you have a choice of downloading an entire pack or just the planes types you want to tinker with. In each individual Planes sound file you may notice that you may have 2 engs to chose from. If you like one better than the other you just rename the one you like. All working ENGINE sounds are called ENG not ENG1

Option two would be to drag and drop just the sounds you want to hear into a plane folder that already exists.

If you have no plane folders and are using the stock sounds AH has given you (like SKY) just drag and drop the plane folder you like into your HTC/Sound folder and it will work.

To add a whole sound pack to your system you will need to remove or rename the old sound folder called SOUNDS and replace it with the new sound pack folder you just downloaded. If once you place it in the HTC folder and it is not already named SOUNDS you will need to rename it SOUNDS for it to work. Easy stuff really.

To rename something you must right click on that folder and chose the rename function. Type in what you want to call it and your done.

Aces High Custom Sound Packs/

Each file contains its own gun sounds named M2, M2_1, M2_2 and so on. You can change these as well. Changing just one of these sounds will change the whole sound of the gun pack. Change one or two of them to either of these sounds to add a 50 cal recoil type sound.

You can listen to what they sound like by clicking on them and selecting open with or just save it to your desktop and open it there.

mediafire.com agtjwlhzsmmg/3zijmj24zrt/m2_3.wav

mediafire.com vhj4mtmnwstg/nhg4imjwrdt/m2_2.wav

Here is the link to all the downloads from sound zips to training films

Index of /ahmd/uploads

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Sound Packs Small and Large plus Links to Films and Directions
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